You need to register in order to upload games. We only accept games - movies will be removed by the admin.

No pornographic or extremely violent material, please!

You should be the author of any game you upload to the site or have the authors permission.

We do not allow external links to games on other sites, unless they are your own games. We see this as theft of our traffic and it will not be tolerated. Games linking directly to games on your own site/portal that are not written by you or sponsored by you will be removed by the admin and serial offenders will be banned.

New games are added to the new games section of the web site. They need to get a good score after a certain number of votes to go over to the main site. The Admin can also promote games they feel are particularly good.

As Admin, undersiege will occasionally add games to the site. We always make the real authors known. If you see your games in the list we can transfer them over to your own account if you wish, so you can keep them up to date or edit them.
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